Paul Ganssle


Working with Time Zones: Everything You Wish You Didn’t Need to Know

(2018-06-10) Given at PyLondinium, this is a shorter version of Time Zone Troubles. (20 minute version)

Time Zone Troubles: Dealing with Imaginary and Ambiguous Datetimes

(2017-08-12) Given at PyBay 2017, this is an in-depth look at time zones in Python. (40 minute version)

python-dateutil: A delightful romp in the never-confusing world of dates and times

(2018-06-01) Given at Taiwanese Data Professionals event “It’s About Time, Data People!” (20 minute version)

(2016-07-17) Given at PyGotham, this is an overview of the dateutil package. Audio is quite choppy.

Lightning Talks

variants: A convention for cleaner API design

A talk about the variants library I wrote for Python.

GridStrategy: A Proposed Mechanism for Automatic Subplot Management

A talk about my proposal (MEP 30) for a new somewhat automagical subplot manager for matplotlib